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Unfortunately time & time again I hear of hard honest working clients becoming victims of website designers, Your business is your lively hood, don’t let someone take it, protect what is yours. Some companies want to hold you to ransom to prevent you from moving away from their overly priced contracts. At Betterrankings we believe in good old fashion honesty. We are here to help you and set your business on the right path, we believe that no one should every get tricked into giving away their hard earned business & business name & being held to ransom. What we do with all our website designs clients is we give you, the rightful owner full power & control over your own business. So If for some reason you want to walk away from our services you walk away knowing that your walking away with your own set of keys to your business.

Rule #1 – never give your domain name (eg betterrankings.com.au) to anyone not even to a website designer. If they insist & tell you they need it THEY DO’NT they are asking as they want have control over you. Walk away.

At Betterrankings we will never ask you to hand over your domain name. If you don’t have a domain name & don’t know where or how to start? Not a problem we can easily help you get set up it’s not hard at all.


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Digital Marketing

Logos, email marketing and stunning business cards is a must for any size business.

Social Media

Social media is huge. Get more followers with a social media campaign 

Rapid Boosting

Get fast results. With A Google ad campaign. Be number 1 today

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a must have. Drive more sales, Keep your customers informed. 

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Men and women, committed to better protect you around the world.

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Where you will find the same quality of service and dedication around the world.

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Boosts Your Website Traffic!

Getting your business website found on Google and all other major platforms takes strategy, First we analyze your competitors websites and see what they are doing then we simply do things better. We do keyword research and optimize your website and come up with the ultimate plan to sky rocket your rankings. We even submit your website directly to google and Bing so they know your site exists giving you even more opportunity to rank higher.

We can take care of all your social media post, ads with our state of the art automated social medial platform, so your always a step ahead of your competitor and lets not for forget about running your very own Google ad campaign.


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Some Of The Services We Provide

Site Audit

Website Audits - every website needs a strong foundation.

Web Design

Beautifully designed websites to boost your brand and profits

Web Development

Website maintenance and security allow customers in while keeping hackers out.

Digital Marketing

Logos, email marketing and stunning business cards is a must for any size business.

SMM Marketing

Social Media Marketing posting, ads & campaigns on all the popular social networks

Link Building

Link and citation building plays an important role in being found online.


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